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List Description
60-south USAP 60 South Crossing Advisory
chc-intercontinental-flight-group The CHC Intercontinental Flight Group listserv is a product of Christchurch Operations. There are multiple end-users of this information.
Continental_Camps_Sitreps Situation Reports for Field Operations Camps
iridium_enterprise_notify Iridium Notification List
lmg-personnel-notices LMG Personnel Notices
lmg-science-weekly USAP LMG Science Weekly
lmg-sitrep USAP LMG Situation Report
mcm-asc-leadership-notes McMurdo ASC Leadership Notes
mcm-intercontinental-flights The Intercontinental Flights listserv managed by ATO.
mcm-intracontinental-flights The McMurdo Intracontinental Flights listserv is a product of ATO. There are multiple end-users of this information
mcm-medevac USAP Continental Medevac List
mcm-recreation McMurdo Week in Recreation
mcm-sitrep USAP McMurdo Situation Report
mcm-town-minutes USAP McMurdo Town Meeting Minutes
mcm_seaice_report MCM SeaIce Sitrep
mcmurdo-departures McMurdo Departures List
nbp-personnel-notices NBP Personnel Notices
nbp-science-weekly USAP NBP Science Weekly
nbp-sitrep USAP NBP Situation Report
pal-medevac USAP Peninsula Medevac List
pal-sitrep USAP Palmer Situation Report
polarice-operations USAP POLARICE Operations
ScienceTraverse-SITREP Situation Reports for Science Traverses
SPO-Monthly-Science-Report South Pole Monthly Science Report
spo-sitrep USAP South Pole Situation Report
Spot1_Sitrep Sitrep for Spot_1 fieldcamp.
Spot1Public Sitrep for Spot_1 Friends and Family
Spot2_Sitrep Sitrep for Spot_2 fieldcamp.
Spot2Public Sitrep for Spot_2 Friends and Family
sptr SPTR Notification List
sptr-eng sptr Engineers
sptr_data SPTR Data Throughput Notification List
sptr_mo_rept SPTR Notification List
sptr_sn SPTR_SN Notification List
sun-list Antarctic Sun Notification List
uas_operations_notification Product of NPP/ATC. Unmanned Aircraft System
usap-Iridium-Tech-Notes Iridium Technical Notices
usap_aircraft_emergency_notifications usap_aircraft_emergency_notifications
usap_airfield_status_report USAP - Airfield Status Report
usap_aviation_weather_support Runway & Camp TAFs, PSR forecasts, VFR/Helo/AOPB Briefings
usap_basler_and_twin_otter_movement_reports Product of NPP/ATC. The USAP Basler and Twin Otter Movement Reports listserv show aircraft movements for different kinds of aircraft.
usap_christchurch_notify USAP Christchurch Notification List
usap_enterprise_notify USAP Enterprise Notification List
usap_fixed_wing_movement_reports Product of NPP/ATC. The USAP Fixed Wing Movement Reports listserv shows aircraft movements for different kinds of aircraft.
usap_fixed_wing_schedule_and_updates USAP_Fixed_Wing_Schedule_and_Updates
usap_flight_status_updates usap_flight_status_updates
usap_ground_weather_support Daily Forecast for Palmer and McMurdo. Severe Weather Conditions
usap_lc_130_Intercontinental-Mission-Updates The USAP LC-130 Intercontinental Mission Updates listserv ANG. Raven Ops in McMurdo or CHC
usap_lc_130_On-Continent-Mission-Updates USAP_lc_130_On-Continent-Mission-Updates
usap_maritime_weather_support WEAX-NBP, WEAX-LMG, WEAX-Other USAP Ships
usap_mcmurdo_notify USAP McMurdo Notification List
usap_overdue_aircraft_eoc_notification usap_overdue_aircraft_eoc_notification
usap_palmer_notify USAP Palmer Notification List
usap_southpole_notify USAP South Pole Notification List
vessel-arrivals Peninsula Vessel Arrival Advisory
vessel-cargo Peninsula Vessel Cargo Advisory
vessel-departures Peninsula Vessel Departure Advisory
vessel-weekly Peninsula Vessel Weekly

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